About The Fund

The Fund intends to acquire recreational ranch properties in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, New Mexico and Utah at depressed prices and create value through specific enhancements that SRCM has found to yield the most attractive investment returns including; enhancing the fishery, enhancing big game & upland bird habitats, eliminating access issues, removing unsightly structures & equipment and adding roads, utilities & high quality fencing. The Fund intends to consider income generating activities and take advantage of state and federal incentive programs.

SRCM has developed relationships at land reliances, land trusts and community banks that notify SRCM about potential off-market acquisition opportunities. These organizations often become aware of possible sales before ranch brokers get involved. The organizations are motivated to notify SRCM because our objectives are aligned. Once ranch brokerages obtain property listings SRCM is less likely to be interested, however, it has developed a network of ranch brokers that are motivated to notify SRCM about attractive opportunities because of SRCM’s access to capital.

SRCM expects to monetize the properties it acquires and enhances through outright sales. SRCM intends to create a new end-market. Never before has there been a professional effort to acquire properties in the most desirable locations, enhance the sporting attributes and monetize the assets.